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Dashi Smart actively fulfills corporate social responsibility

As of 2018, Dashi Intelligent has accumulated ...


Providing travel security services for nearly 3.4 billion people


The total CO₂ in metric tons reduced by our clients


The total energy savings in kWh by our clients


Das IoT and Smart Space Appli...

In Das Tower there is a nearly 1,000-square-meter IoT and Smart Space Application Exhibition Center, which is a science popularization education base in Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City, and Nanshan District, and shares IoT technological innovations and low-carbon energy-saving practices with the outside world all year round. It has received more than 100,000 visitors so far.

Xiong'an Das Intelligent ...

Das Intellitech extends science education work to Xiong'an New District, and sets up the Xiong'an Dash Green Smart New City Exhibition Hall. The solutions displayed match the seven key tasks of Xiong'an New District, with a total area of 1,600 s

Das Jiuxin Medical Technology ...

Das Juxin is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Das Intellitech and one of the advocates of the concept of lean management in operating rooms. Its business covers a wide range of fields such as clean and digital operating departments, ICUs, medical informatization, medical integrated logistics, central oxygen system and other supporting equipment for medical special systems, etc. It has cumulatively provided services for large hospitals of 700+, operating rooms and ICUs of 7000+, and has provided operating room purification and digitalization solutions for many domestic famous medical institutions.