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This RMB 3 billion Yuan Smart Hospital, where does the money go?

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On the first day of this March, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University (hereinafter referred to as “Zunyi Second Affiliate Hospital”), located at the intersection of Xinlong Avenue and Xinpu Avenue, Xinpu New District, Zunyi City, began trial operation. It is a public hospital directly under the Health Commission of Guizhou Province and a hospital directly under Zunyi Medical University. It covers about 400,000 people living nearby.


It is reported that the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University plans total investment of nearly RMB 3 billion yuan, total land area of 297 mu (1 mu=0.067 hectare), total construction area of about 300,000 m2, and the greening rate of nearly 40%, and plans to open 1,800 beds and more than 3,000 parking spaces. The Hospital follows the principle of unified planning and phased construction, and plans to be completed in four phases, with the goal of building it into a benchmark “Smart Hospital”.


More than half a year after its opening, the Hospital now has 1,000 outpatient and emergency patients per day, and 760 inpatients. Why does it attract so many patients? Where is “Wisdom”? How does the enterprise cooperate with the hospital to build smart hospital? To this end, we interviewed Shu Tao, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University, and Huang Deqiang, Vice President of Shenzhen Das Intellitech Co., Ltd., and listened to them to tell the process of building a smart hospital.


It took 10 years from planning to opening.


In addition to its advantages in hospital development, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University is also the first public “Smart Hospital” in Zunyi City.


Up to now, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University has invested nearly RMB 2 billion yuan in the first and second phases of the project, the largest cost is used for civil engineering, followed by the connotation construction of the smart hospital, such as hospital equipment procurement, medical information system, digital operating room, online medical care, human cost and other projects.


At present, the hardware + software equipment of the smart hospital of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University has been preliminarily in place. From the perspective of the process of seeing a doctor, it may involve scenes such as outpatient service, pharmacy, medical technology, ward, operating room, etc., and each scene is endowed with “wisdom”.

The core of a smart hospital is the data interconnection of the whole hospital. Through a mobile phone or computer terminal, you can understand the situation of the whole hospital, and then have targeted management.


The Second Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University can bring such a good intelligent experience to the patients and hospital managers, one of the important reasons is that it relies on the Internet of Things innovative technology and products provided by Das Intellitech, including the hospital electromechanical equipment intelligent control platform, operating room intelligent management platform, clinical decision-making assistance system, hospital information platform, and so on.

Its core value is to help the hospital realize highly integrated intelligence and energy saving, operating room and clinical information, hospital management information construction, and to build a digital smart hospital.